Florida Trip Team Blog 2014

Day 6

On this rainy Wednesday the girls woke up and bolted to the courts, some at breakneck speeds. We began the day by doing three and four person drills with Coach Shona which helped us work on rails, volley drops, and cross-court shots. After a satisfying squash session, we did JoJo-inspired tabata in the rain. We then headed back to the hotel for our standard lunch and afternoon nap.
After rising, we headed first to Panera Bread for dinner and then to the courts for some intense matches, many going to four or five games. Some of us ventured to the hot tub or the basketball courts while others went in search of some late night snacks.

We are tired but feeling good and excited to make the most of our last day in Florida!

Liza, Miranda, Annie & Annie

After an easier day on Tuesday, the men’s team was back in action on another rainy day in Boca. Bodies (somewhat) recovered from the Jojo workout on Monday, we started the day with the usual 1.5 mile run to the courts. Upon arrival, players were worried about the possibility of tabata/Patty rainout; however, we braved the elements and completed an hour long workout ending with a brutal variation of the plank, courtesy of Zander. We then took to the hot tub to relax before our morning hitting session, which was focused on volleys and volley drops.
After practice, we returned to the hotel for lunch and rest.  Because of the rain, many players chose to nap or read, while others struggled to find anything better than the ancient original Superman movie on tv.
After a quick bite to eat at Panera, the men’s team returned to the courts  for challenge matches. The most impressive match was easily John and Guy, who battled it out in a five-game thriller; John eventually pulled it out in signature style 13-11 in the fifth. It was a pleasure to watch.
Exhausted, we returned to the hotel to shower and go to bed. With only one day left on the trip, the team is excited to focus for two more sessions tomorrow before heading back into the tundra of Connecticut on Friday.



Day 5


No alarms! Yes! We slept in until 9, a nice respite from the 7am wake-up call the days before. After a leisurely breakfast, we loaded up the vans and drove to Del Ray Beach! Despite the strong winds and overcast skies, Guy, Claire, Zander, Liza, Bridget and Nell ran straight into the ocean, which was, reportedly, quite warm. The lifeguard had warned us not to go out further than waist-deep, so Guy entertained himself by body-slamming oncoming waves, while the rest gleefully ducked under the foamy crests. Some of the team took a walk along the beach but soon enough everyone had bundled back up and booked it towards town. The weather was deteriorating and so, naturally, the girls’ team took shelter in a cupcake shop. After enjoying designer cupcakes, some of the team regathered for a second course at an outdoor burger joint, and others toured the town a bit. The locals walked down the streets with winter jackets and scarves, warily eyeing our flip flops. Eventually, we all made it back to the vans (early, since it had started to rain), and returned to the hotel for a late-afternoon snooze. To keep our squash games fresh in our heads, we went back to the courts for an evening hit. We managed to master a complicated drill and played some 2 v. 1, finishing it off with a squash version of basketball’s “Horse” (named “Emu”). After a recovery dip in the hot tub we shuttled to Panera. Much to our dismay, they were out of bread bowls and chocolate chip cookies. We took the food back to the hotel and bundled up in the captains’ room to watch the intellectually-stimulating, “Blue Crush.” Some of us were surprised when we discovered our B-less BLT’s. Luckily, the Nelsons came through with a large supply of delicious baked goods to end our day off on a sweet note.

Hannah Plon

Today was our easiest day thus far. It was the half way point of our trip and the coaches gave us time to let our sore bodies rest. We were able to get up an hour or two later than usual and went to the beach for the morning. Sadly, it was one of the coldest days of the year at a bitter 50 degrees, not the ideal beach weather, but still far superior to the 10 degrees in ct. Most of the team was too afraid to go into the ocean, except for the stud Guy Davidson, and instead walked through the town admiring the high end cars and shops. The second half of the afternoon was spent resting at either the hotel or club. Some people played pick up basketball while others went in the hot tub or slept. During practice we played condition and ally games from 7-9 pm and after went to chipotle for dinner.



Day 4

Today, Monday January 6th, or the Day of Birth for one Annie Ferreira, the women’s and men’s squash teams rose early for some continental breakfast provided by the beautiful Spring Hill Suites. Patti secreted some lemon-poppy seed cake for an afternoon snack. Everyone agreed that is a delicious breakfast snack (Girls Love Breakfast Snax). The team ran to the courts and pushed each other to faster times. Once at the courts, the team split into three groups: first group with Shona to play squash (court drills), Patti had group two stretching their ham strings with bands and yoga poses (a favorite of the groups’ was the Pigeon Pose, or as Patti likes to say: Sitting Bird), the third and final group wrote personal quotes and team quotes that they would like a newspaper reporter to write about them, many included the phrases: “Super Star” and “Nic Machines” and “Powerhouses of Poise and Control.”
Then, the team met Jojo. A personal trainer from Lifetime Fitness, he was an amazing motivator. The team felt like they had been inducted into Squash Boot Camp, or, The Squarmy. We started with a dynamic “warm-up” which included high-knees, hip twisters, inch worms, planks, and jogging. It was brutal for a warm-up. Jojo then passed around some bands and the team got to stretching their limbs.  5 sets of 20 and the team was feeling loose and limber (or limba). The team split into two and the first half pushed a sled with a 25 or 35 pound weight, while the second half jumped around with 25 pound weight. It was quite the sight to see with everyone running with weights over their heads, screaming, smiling, laughing, crying tears of pure joy.
Pool Time could not have come soon enough. After lunch, mostly everyone took a dip, some at the club, others at the hotel. Lauren enjoyed the sun, she has quite the rosy glow. Mary snoozed silently by the side of the pool (in the shade, she’s quite pale) and enjoyed the rest. Some of the team played a few fun matches of squash, but unfortunately had to cede the courts to the Club League of Lifetime Fitness. Some, like Super Fit Champion Patti, entertained themselves with a little knock-out basketball fun. Liza, Abigail, and Patti gave the boys a run for their money when they joined in the game. For dinner, the team headed to Miller’s Alehouse (a Lifetime Fitness Recommendation), and enjoyed burgers, ribs, salmon, and lots and lots of fries. The Women’s Team returned to the hotel to finish Annie’s birthday cake and play a few rounds of cards.
Nell, Lauren, and Mary

Day 4:  Babylon

As the sun rose our spirits sank.  Rumors circulated that the gym’s fitness trainer would be working us out.  The team performed an Indian run on the way to the Lifetime Fitness, while Jermaine and Patti followed suit in the vans.  Once at the courts the girls and guys team were split into 3 groups, one for stretching, one for squash, and one for diary writing and basketball.

Our uncertain fate rested in the voluptuous hands of a croquet player turned fitness guru.  Jojo was his name, and macabre fitness was his game.  The workout was a blur of blood, sweat, and tears; even Guy thought it was hard.  I overheard some post training-session dialogue, and wow was it moving:

Cam: “He had an excellent voice, and beautiful calves too.”

Kamisher: “His scars were cool.”

Cam: “But I feel like he was sensitive about them.”

Powerful stuff.  Blair “liked” the workout, but the most striking reaction came from a doughy eyed romantic with a Virginian farm girls glow; “****, it was definitely ******* ****.”

A court mix-up during the night session resulted in copious games of knockout, a foul shooting game where players knock, bash, and shove their way to victory.  Two-time victor Chris Hart had this to say; “It was real coming together of the team and I think we all grew richer from the experience, I only regret that not everyone can win”. a

Everyone was given 24 dollars…  For the next 3 days, and not an expense was spared at a delectable dinner.  We will see how our impending hunger strike pans out.

“If Gandhi did it, so can I” – John Steele

Cheers, Davey “From the navy” Sneed


Day 3
The sounds of alarms going off early on day 3 were the only noise complaint that we wanted to report. After a Hearty breakfast of no complaints, the teams started their 1.25 mi marathon to the courts. Once at the courts, the men were greeted with a Patti workout where it was all suns out guns out on the turf, especially for Johnny and his tank. Once the sprinting began and Blair’s shirt came off, the two young men also on the turf at the time, who seemed to frequent the gym often, realized that the Wes men’s squash team doesn’t mess around and had all but one choice; succumb to the Cardinals and give up the turf. After Patti abs, it was back inside to the courts where we were met with a “warm” welcome from Jermaine. The morning session came to a conclusion with the men exhausted and ready for smoothies.

Once back at the hotel for lunch, both teams were met by a familiar face, Coach Kerr. With a smile on her face, coach Kerr expressed her excitement to finally be with the teams in Boca. After a tiring morning session, many went swimming, napping, or both, and once again Zach and Abigail were seen by Cam hanging around the pool.

At 4pm it was back to the courts to play some 2 vs. 1. The coaches broke up the team into 3 teams. After a long 2 hours of hard fought squash the match came down to the number ones. Heading into the final match the Gobblers, captained by Dat Sneed (David), were in second place by 3 pts, but John, the most recent CSA player of the week, put the team on his back and pulled out a victory and solidified first grabs at the bread at dinner for his team. After quickly showering at the club before it turned the water off at 7, John’s parents treated the teams to dinner. With a long and tiring day at the courts in the books, the men will definitely sleep well tonight, as long as they have their snuggle buddies.


Grant “G-spot” Lounsbury
Our second day in Boca was hard but eventful. The weather was more promising today as the high was near 81 degrees and there were moments of sunshine. Much to Jermaine’s dismay, he had to work on target practice with the girls first. Next we moved on to the turf with Coach Patti (Woman of the Year and author of the future self-help book “Work Out to Eat Out”) and did a long set of suicides and some leg-breaking sprints.
Lunch time was much needed and included the same fare as yesterday. We also had some time to hang out by the pool and don our finest swimwear. Shout out to Blair Corbin and Christ Hart who squeezed into some itsy bitsy speedos and gave new meaning to the term “junk in the trunk.” For the crew of room 210, swim time was capped off by a luxurious two-hour nap.
We headed back to the courts for a rousing all-team 2 vs. 1 tournament between the Gobblers, the Matadors, and the Anamaniacs. After the Gobblers came out on top due to a late round win by John Steele, the team headed off to a pasta and pizza dinner courtesy of the Steeles (THANK YOU!!!). During the dinner, we learned some interesting facts about women from Dan Sneed (apparently they like bread) and tried to see how much Raheem could eat. Thus is the fate of men who dare to sit with the girls.
After this, some of the ladies headed off to Wal-Mart to stock up on survival supplies, mostly consisting of Ben & Jerry’s. Our Phish Food was consumed during some Cards Against Humanity, where we all learned how dark our team really was.That about ended day 2 of the trip. (This last sentence was courtesy of Liza Bayless—Liza, thank you for your input).Love, the ladies (and bread lovers) of Room 210
Liza, Miranda, Annie & AnnieDay 2: Training has begun
The morning sun couldn’t even wake us, because we woke up so early. Breakfast (which got as fancy as Belgian waffles and nutella!) was scarfed down with just enough time to digest before our 10 miler. jk. a percentage of that. but a big one! And on the run there, two of us spotted an Otter! Luckily we were going slow enough to spot it….we sprinted down the flats of Florida, rounded the corner, and arrived at the Lifetime Fitness- a hauntingly identical building to the one in Arizona. When we were inside, we couldn’t figure out what state we were in. But then we noticed the median age here was a LITTLE BIT higher than that of Arizona, so we calmed down. The facilities are great- especially the smoothies at the cafe. The ladies did a back-breaking tabatta (work-out death) on a turf field, did it masterfully so, and even got to cheer on some locals doing a fitness obstacle course! yay sport! The sun started to peak out over the palm trees as we worked hard as a team to improve our fitness! We went back inside with bits of rubber and fake grass clinging to our sweat, and then battled it out on the squash courts. It was a bit of a dodgeball event really, as a bunch of U of Florida frat bros played basketball on a court in the middle of all the squash courts.
When the girls finished their squash drills (length games), Jermaine stepped up to race us back to the hotel to beat the boys to lunch! We ate up delicious sandwiches and delightful cookies by the pool. As we chewed, we hoped the boys would have enough to eat…and they did! A midday rest was necessary, so we all dispersed until later when we went back to the Lifetime fitness to play some challenge matches and take a dip in the pool (or hot tub) (or neither if you played a 5 set match like me……). The outdoor pool was lovely. There are white lanterns hanging about, palm trees dotting the border, and good tunes playing. Players with time to spare floated on that pool and dreamt of the Chipotle that was in our near future.
Fast forward to dinner. We stormed into Chipotle, a team on a mission. The average burrito was not enough for us athletes. Some people even had to wait the line AGAIN to get seconds! Others (Ethan) were smart enough to get a second burrito WHILE ORDERING THE FIRST TIME. Genius, i’m telling ya.
After dinner, we returned to our hotel- some to our TVs of football games (go eagles!), others to our books, and others yet to the pool. All stretching out our already sore muscles. As long as today was, we survived it, thrived in it, and are ready for the challenge of tomorrow. We also are looking forward to Shona joining us!!!! GO WES
Hannah, Bridget, Abigail, and Claire

The men woke up hungry to train, and started their day with a
continental breakfast at the hotel followed by a warm-up run to
Lifetime Fitness. Once at the club, we jumped right on court for some
alley and conditioning games. After an hour and a half on court the
men switched with the girls and had fitness with Patti on the outdoor
turf field. She led us in Tabata, which loosely translates to “slow
death.” Dan Sneed’s squats and Chris Hart’s planks stood out as
exemplary. After fitness we walked back to the hotel with smoothies in
hand, and had cold-cuts for lunch at the hotel. Then we jumped into
the heated pool at the hotel and chilled out in the rooms until the
afternoon session. At 3pm we took vans back to the courts and played
some practice matches against each other. John had the luxury of
playing a top Argentinean player who was a member at the club, which
was fun to watch.  Another interesting match was assistant coach
Jermaine vs. Cam, where experience prevailed. After a long day, the
men went to Chipotle for dinner. After returning to the hotel, some
people went into their rooms to watch the football games, and Zach and
Abigail went to the pool for a “late night swim”.  Everyone will sleep
well tonight after a long day, and we will be waking up early again
tomorrow to continue training with Bowdoin and the Little 3 Matches in
our hearts.

From the lion’s den,

Michael “Mike” Mark

Day 1:  A five game match against transportation

Boy oh boy what a day!

Alarm bells rang out at 6 in the morning.  The men and women of the squash team were about to embark on the most harrowing and fantastical journey of their young lives.  Bleary eyed and delirious the athletes trekked the snow covered path to the squash courts.  Upon arrival the team snacked on clementines and wheat thins while waiting for the bus.  The slated 7:15 departure occurredat 7:50.  Surprisingly, Kamisher’s capricious sleeping habits did not cause the delay.

On the way to the Newark airport the team stopped to purchase tasty treats at a local rest stop.  The bus brimmed with satisfaction, until Cam realized he had failed to spot McDonalds.  The egg-mcmuffinless bus voyaged on.  All the while Cam chronicled the trip on Snapchat, an approach that I found derivative of early Van Gough.

The airport was packed, and the team grimaced when the check-in attendendant asked Blair if he was responsible enough to sit in the emergency exit aisle.  After much ticket trading, the team filed on to the 1:10flight excited to see the sweet sunshine of Florida.  Sadly only fog and rain were to be seen as the plane gingerly landed in Fort Lauderdale.  Grant checked the upcoming weeks weather to alert us that it would rain almost every day.  Carousel 5 delivered all of the checked bags promptly and the team was ready to complete the final stage of our exhausting day.  Jermaine and Patty threw caution to the wind and raced us to the hotel, where Zander greeted the team in indigenous Amazonian fashion, gifting each man a piranha, and each woman a festive headdress.

Festive was the atmosphere indeed as both teams made the best of a limited selection of pizza.  A team photo was taken, and half of the team drove to Wal-Mart to purchase forgotten supplies.

So ended our first night in Florida.  As I took a break from writing the blog to watch Zach Roach get into the pool, I reflected on the journey so far; Coach would really have liked to see this.

Sincerely, David Sneed

After a long day of travel, we are finally settled in Boca Raton!  Our day started later than anticipated because of that irksome devil Winter Storm Hercules.  We arrived in Newark with bellies full of Dunkin Donuts, and most of us made it through security without any issue.  Since our flight was delayed an hour, we were able to enjoy a leisurely lunch in the terminal.  We finally got on the plane and were ready to go when our sassy pilot yelled at a woman in the bathroom before takeoff.  Despite slight turbulence, the flight went smoothly.  The snack selection was magnificent — and free!  While we were in the air, Liza was dealing with her own travel struggles, but she met us in Fort Lauderdale and our team was finally complete (minus one of Liza’s bags).  A few strangers applauded our packing skills as we piled into two large vans, and after a half hour we arrived at the Spring Hills Suites in Boca Raton (which means “rat mouth” in Spanish…we have yet to discover why).  We devoured pizza in the lobby for dinner, and the women went off to play cards to wind down after an exciting day.  By: Mary, Lauren, and Nell


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